Digital Marketing Services

In—And Now Beyond—the Homeschool Niche

Jimmie Quick 2020

For over ten years, I've centered my digital marketing focus on the homeschool niche, helping clients reach parents who have opted to homeschool their children.

While I'm still offering homeschool marketing through blogger campaigns and a very limited number of personalized strategy designs,  as of 2023 I'm devoting most of my working hours to full time employment, doing digital marketing for a AI startup.  


Email to request media kit, details about the process, and pricing.

Blog Post Campaigns

Let me recruit a team of bloggers and YouTubers who will use your product or service and write search engine optimized (SEO) reviews especially designed for today’s highly visual Internet searcher.

Email Campaigns

Instead of lifeless cut and paste emails, my team of bloggers will write unique and personalized messages to highlight your product. They can feature a discount, special opt-in offer, or other requests. 

Daniel Barnekow

 Daniel Barnekow 

Author and Owner, Sunflower Education

I don’t think anyone else knows as much about the homeschool market as Jimmie. She combines this knowledge with her web savvy to deliver spot-on recommendations. We have seen real and immediate improvements following her advice for our website and social media. 

A true expert. Recommended without qualification.

 Greg Thewes 

General Manager,  InquisiCorp Corp 

A colleague in the homeschool niche asked me how much time I spend on social media to market my business. I answered, "I spend about 20 minutes each week—when I have my weekly call with Jimmie."

Melissa Eklof

Melissa Eklof

Owner, The Homeschool 

Printing Company

Since I was homeschooled myself from fifth grade on, I thought that it would be easy to break into the homeschool market. I tried reaching out to curriculum authors and homeschooling co-ops but made no progress. When we were ready to give up on the whole idea, we found Jimmie through a Google search.  

Obviously, delivering a quality service is important, but without Jimmie's help of market research and a blogger campaign, there's no way that we'd be where we are today—growing at a rate of 20% per month.

She took our idea and helped turn it into reality. Without her help, we'd still be trying to enter this market or, quite possibly, we would have given up completely. Jimmie comes with my highest recommendation!