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Client Testimonial for Site and Social Media Assessment

The following is a letter I received from Jonathan Harris of 10ktotalent.com, a client who purchased my Site and Social Media Assessment package.


I want to thank for your clear and candid assessment of my online business www.10ktotalent.com in the context of providing better marketing and communication to an audience of homeschool moms. Knowing that as the saying goes “I am not my own customer,” I looked around for someone who understood the homeschool market well and for someone who seemed to be able to gain the respect of the new crop of homeschool parents. That’s when I came across you in the Google+ world; it was your own public persona online that convinced me you knew that homeschool market well.

I purchased one of your consulting packages and was not at all disappointed with your service. I was especially impressed with how you efficiently reviewed and recorded via a screencast all the sections of my website before I even talked to you on the phone. Because of that recording where you systematically highlighted with visual cues on the screen where the improvements could be made, I was able to replay the session several times over on my own. I then made several of those changes over the ensuing weeks.

On the phone consult, you gave me the biggest value yet when you pointed out that how I was presenting the course material was not all suited to busy homeschool moms. I should let you know that I had had an opposite recommendation from another expert, but that expert catered to a male customer audience, mostly for an engineering mindset, and did not understand the mindset of this market. I instinctively knew that although the other expert was good in the market he served, he was not familiar with the homeschool market, and therefore he was off on his recommendations. But I didn’t know how to fix my presentation problem.

Enter your experience as a broker in that homeschool market. The breakthrough from you was that it was imperative that no matter how good the written content was, I needed to create supporting videos to walk parents through the written guide. Well, lo and behold, your advice was right on! I immediately started working on recording supporting videos and offered several support package levels to suit the various needs of different families. As a result of implementing your advice, I finally started making sales of e-courses with personal private coaching support.

Thank you, Jimmie!

Jonathan Harris

“How to Discover and Develop Your Child’s First 100 Hours of Talent”


Below is a recommendation posted to my LinkedIn profile by Daniel Barnekow of Sunflower Education after receiving my Site and Social Media Assessment package.

I don’t think anyone else knows as much about the homeschool market as Jimmie. She combines this knowledge with her web savvy to deliver spot-on recommendations. We have seen real and immediate improvements following her advice for our website and social media. A true expert. Recommended without qualification.

One other point—Jimmie is generous with her knowledge. Just visiting her website and reading what she’s written will give you a big leg up. Follow up with her services and the sky’s the limit.