Homeschool Influencer Services

iHomeschool Network is the most seamless way to connect with influencers in the homeschool niche. Instead of sending out hundreds of emails that get ignored or sent to the spam folder, I can recruit a team of active bloggers who are interested in your product and ready to leverage their audiences for you.  

Like Stephanie Savely of Life Skills Reimagined said after her campaign, "It's nice to have a shortcut."

If you want to speak directly to the parents making buying decisions about homeschool curriculum, learning software, and educational supplements, the iHN bloggers are your answer. 

The primary service is blog post campaigns—either product reviews, evergreen posts, or advertorials. We also offer email campaigns and affiliate recruitment broadcasts.  See more here.

iHomeschool Network

iHomeschool Network was formed in 2012.

 Inga Hope 

 Owner, Gentle Guitar 

Working with Jimmie has been most insightful and productive to my long-term planning as well as for the vision and development of my business. I’ve worked with Jimmie several times, and intend to continue the relationship! It’s been great every time.

What I love about Jimmie is her knowledge, attention to detail, and her extensive network. Working with someone committed, who’s also well-connected, is key to the project’s success. 

When I work with Jimmie, I trust her. I know that if she says she will do something, she will do it! I see results each time! That’s valuable when you are running a business of any size, especially a startup where every penny counts and needs to go a long way. Thank you, Jimmie!