The Most Critical Elements of a Sales Landing Page

Writing an ebook takes a great deal of work. I have written three so far, and I know the temptation to be done with the project by not investing in a well thought out landing page. That decision would be foolish, of course. All your efforts will be wasted if you don’t take the time to create an effective landing page.

In fact, schedule as much time for this step as you did for the writing and editing of the ebook. It is that important. The best ebook on the planet will never get sold without a landing page that reaches the right audience.

Product Image

Perception is everything. Invest in a quality image to represent what you are selling.

If you are selling ebooks, be sure to create a 3D graphic that looks like a book or your cover on an iPad. Even if you can’t hire a designer, there are very affordable tools such as My eCover Maker that give quality results.

No Links Except to Buy

Make sure your landing page has no other links besides the link to make the transaction. Remove your sidebar; it is a recipe for distraction. If you add testimonials on your landing page, do not link to the happy customer’s site. The bottom line is that you want your reader focused on a single action — purchasing your product.

Put at least two buy buttons on the page — at top and at bottom, or more specifically above and below the fold.

Be sure to include the price somewhere close to the button. It is deceptive to make people add your product to their shopping carts to discover the price.

Answer Objections

Remove all potential obstacles to the purchase by addressing them on your landing page. Think through the buying decision like a customer and list what might keep someone from making the transaction.

  • Is your product pricey? Be sure to explain all the value that is included.
  • Is your product targeting newbies? Be sure to emphasize that it is easy to understand and does not require any pre-requisite knowledge.
  • Is your product in a saturated niche? Be sure to explain exactly how it is different and superior to all the other similar products.

One obstacle to purchase is the fear of wasting money. This is easy to remove with a money back guarantee if the buyer is not satisfied. Normally such a guarantee has a limit of 30, 60, or 90 days. Don’t add too much fine print to your guarantee and always honor it even when you suspect you are being hoodwinked.

Removing that obstacle from genuine customers is worth the risk of being cheated for a few copies of an ebook.

Use Keywords

Yes, keywords are important for SEO. But here I mean use the words that speak to the audience you want to sell to. Use terms that they would use in speech and in search engines. Speak their language. This is the only way to reach them.

Increase Pleasure and Remove Pain

Have you ever heard that when selling you should address benefits not features? That is a hard distinction for many of us to make as writers. Instead of wracking my brain to distinguish the two, I prefer to think in terms of pleasure and pain.

We all want more pleasure and less pain. So how does your product make that happen? Does it remove any of these painful stressors?

  • confusion
  • anxiety
  • chaos
  • indecision

Does it provide any of these pleasant benefits?

  • assurance
  • happiness
  • laughter
  • courage

Those emotional triggers of avoiding pain and finding pleasure are what move us to buy. Explain the features of what you are selling. But speak to the heart and the head to move sales.

Selling Details

Be crystal clear whether your product is a digital download (and what format it comes in) or a physical product. Say it multiple times in different ways. You will be shocked at how many people buy an ebook and expect a package to come to their door.

Explain briefly how the product will be delivered, for example, immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF.

Reassure the buyer that the exchange of money is safe. All it takes is a couple of strategically placed words, for example, immediately after your secure purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF.

Optional But Still Powerful

Testimonials or quotes about your product can help reassure potential customers. Make sure they are written in natural language and don’t sound salesy.

Use names and photos to lend credibility to your testimonials, but remember not to link out to the testimonial givers.

How This Post Came to Be

My blogging friend who is launching a new ebook series asked me what the most critical parts of a landing page are. Instead of emailing her an answer or calling her on the phone, I chose to answer her with a blog post.

There is a lesson in that story. Most everything is a potential blog post, especially questions you get about your niche. Maximize your time by answering questions publicly in a way that furthers your brand and your authority.

If you have questions about landing pages, leave me a comment here. I’ll try to address it in a reply or with another blog post.

Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is a veteran homeschool mom and empty nester who works from home doing digital marketing in the homeschool niche.

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Mary - May 14, 2013 Reply

This is such a thorough explanation, and it helps guide me through setting up my landing page.

Thank you for your continued advice and wise guidance. I always appreciate your professional, yet compassionate and caring approach to everything you touch.

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