Personalized Marketing Strategy

Getting started with homeschool marketing? This is the service you need.

I'll take a look at your business, including your website, your current email marketing, social media accounts, and digital advertising campaigns. I'll make recommendations based both on my experience and the research I compiled in the 2018 Report on the American Homeschool Market (which is no longer available for purchase). 

Then I'll outline a four-part plan for marketing that will cover the next 3-12 months, depending on the age and complexity of your business.

Your personalized strategy is delivered in the format of screencast videos which you can view online and download for future reference as you implement the advice.

What's Included

  • a PDF of the top recommended action steps
  • a video screencast, walking through all of my observations
  • a 60-90 minute follow-up call


Your Personalized Strategy will break down what you need to do for these four steps in concrete steps, ranked by importance:

  1. STEP ONE: Hone Your Own Website
  2.  STEP TWO: Nurture Your Existing Email List
  3.  STEP THREE: Convince Site Visitors to Subscribe
  4.  STEP FOUR: Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Potential clients commonly reach out for help with STEP FOUR. But in many cases, they there is work to be done on steps 1, 2, and 3 before additional traffic will make a difference.

If you are spending money to get new visitors to your site and are not making money, let's work on the first three steps. I can help you see your site through the eyes of a homeschool parent visiting your site for the first time.

In the past you may have taken a piecemeal approach, briefly trying Facebook ads or going on a 2-month pinning spree on Pinterest. Your evaluation and strategy will give you a holistic picture of how it all works together so you aren't taking stabs in the dark with one-off projects.

It takes 3-6 weeks to research your online properties and craft your strategy. Then you you will have 30 days to digest the information and schedule your follow up call(s).


Client Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know Jeff and I watched your first video and it was AMAZING! Seriously blown away. Things I didn't even think about... and the assumptions I made. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I'm so lucky to have you on our team to help us." 

—Barbara Steinberg, co-owner of PDX Reading Specialist

"The marketing outline for our company and the videos that you made are fantastic! Seriously good information!!! We are taking the plan that you made for us and the accompanying videos very seriously and implementing all of your suggestions." 

—Karina Richland, owner of Pride Reading Program

Sara Torpey ExSTEMsions

Sara Torpey 

 Owner, exSTEMsions 

To be honest, when I agreed to have Jimmie complete the personalized marketing strategy, I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision, and I wondered if I would get back would be worth the money we were spending, since my business is very young and money is tight.

When Jimmie returned her evaluation, though, any doubts I may have had were thoroughly erased. It is possible that working with Jimmie to do this full evaluation will prove to be the most helpful marking investment I will have made, period. Jimmie did a deep dive into my site, social media accounts, and email systems and pinpointed—very clearly and carefully—places where my business needed attention and then shared resources that will actually help me get those things done. 

It was also incredibly helpful that Jimmie took the time to point out what she thought was going well–we all focus so much of our attention on the work we have to do and the places we are falling short, and we can lose sight of how far we’ve come. This was a welcome reminder of the progress that I've already made! Jimmie’s feedback was very well balanced – I didn’t feel torn apart, or that anything she suggested was outside the realm of possible. During our conversations, it was clear that she took the time to understand my business and to think hard about how best I can make adjustments in each area to get the most out of the time and energy I am putting in. 

This evaluation was an overwhelmingly positive experience. My business and I are in a much better position for having invested the money and time in working with Jimmie, and I will continue to turn to her for wise counsel in the future!

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