10 Ways to Share Pinterest Boards and Get More Followers

10 Ways to Share Pinterest Boards (not pins or profile) to get more followers; jimmielanley.com

Linking to your Pinterest account alongside your Twitter and Facebook profiles is standard practice, but there is much more you can do to promote your Pinterest boards and increase followers on that platform.

Be Strategic: Share Boards (Not Profile or Pins)

It’s normal to share a link to your Pinterest account, the page that shows all your boards. But if most users are like me, they don’t want to click that big Follow All button. I may love your social media board, but I’m not so crazy about following your rock climbing board too. I prefer to follow boards rather than people.

Another common technique is to share a link to a specific pin. If a reader follows a link to a pin, she will hopefully click to visit the original page and maybe repin it. But you haven’t necessarily gained a follower.

So sharing your main account and sharing pins may not be the best way to gain followers. Experiment with a different tactic: Share a link to a board instead of your account profile or a particular pin.

When you visit an individual board, there is a big red button that says Follow Board. If the topic is remotely relevant to the reader, she will probably click to follow. She wants more of that same topic.

Voila, you have just gained another follower by sharing a link to a board instead of a pin or a profile.

How to Share Boards

1. Tweet individual boards on Twitter with a brief description.

Go ahead and load up your HootSuite or Buffer scheduler (not queue) with a dozen tweets promoting one of your best boards. Spread them out, one or two per month. Not only are you presenting yourself as an expert in that niche but you are sure to gain followers of that board too.

2. Share a screenshot.

We know that images work well for engagement. Use a picture to speak for you. Make a screenshot of a board and share that image on Facebook or Google Plus with a link back to the board.

UPDATE! I just found a very neat Chrome extension called PinCo. With it, you can create a collage of images from a particular Pinterest board. There are quite a few options for tweaking the size, layout, etc.

3. Brag a little with social proof.

When you share a board, feel free to say how many followers it already has. Social proof is powerful, so let potential followers know how many other Pinterest users already love your board.

4. Include board links on new blog posts.

For every post you publish on your blog, pin it to one of your boards and add a link to that board at the top or bottom of the post with a note like “If you like this post, you will also like the related pins on my XYZ board.”

5. Edit old but popular posts with links to relevant boards.

What old posts are still getting lots of search or Pinterest traffic? Add that same note about the relevant board at the top or bottom.

6. Add relevant Pinterest boards to sneeze pages on your blog.

If you have lists of resources that curate content all over your blog into one convenient spot, don’t forget to add your Pinterest boards there.

7. Don’t neglect Google Plus

When you share a link on Google Plus, add a link to the board where you pinned the post, saying, “This post is pinned on my XYZ board.”

8. Share a board link in guest post bios.

When contributing a post to a blog that is not yours, consider adding a link to a board that perfectly fits the topic of your post. If someone read your post and is now reading your bio, it is likely that she would also want to follow your Pinterest board on the topic.

9. Cooperate with other bloggers to create a list of similar boards.

List posts are always popular, so cooperate with some blogging pals in your niche to create curated lists of Top Ten Pinterest Boards for different aspects of your niche. Make a killer graphic for the post and have everyone in the group cross promote it. Make sure the post is more than just a list. Give annotations for each board in your list, explaining what makes that board so great.

10. Refer to boards in YouTube video descriptions

You probably already link to blog posts in your YouTube video description field. But also add a link to the board where you have pinned the video. (You do know that you can pin videos, right? You can!)

Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is a veteran homeschool mom and empty nester who works from home doing digital marketing in the homeschool niche.

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Can - September 27, 2013 Reply

i’m pretty new to pinterest with our travel blog from Globetrawter.
thanks to you, now i got a better clue how to spread our pinboard 😀

have a nice day

Ticia - September 27, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the reminder of pinning videos.

Angelique - October 2, 2013 Reply

Great ideas!

Karen Goodman - November 5, 2013 Reply

It has never occurred to me to promote specific boards as a way to get new followers. I love these ideas. And it is definitely getting pinned to my Blogging Board! Hope you don’t mind me following your suggestion and sharing my board link here 🙂

Shar - November 9, 2013 Reply

Great simple and practical tips. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Erin - The Usual Mayhem - November 14, 2013 Reply

Thanks for this, Jimmie. I have a number of followers on PInterest but I’d love to increase that dramatically, and I hadn’t thought of any of these ideas! Much appreciated.

Tammy Doiel @creativekkids.com - November 29, 2013 Reply

I get so much of my traffic from pinterest. I definitely need to do more of this! I just started following some of your great boards!

Nancy - January 14, 2014 Reply

Great tips! Especially #1 and #7 — I use Twitter and G+ a lot, but never thought to posts links to specific Pinterest boards at either site. I think I’ve linked to my Pinterest profile from Twitter before, but that’s about it. Thank you for the idea!

Heather McLane - May 8, 2014 Reply

Fantastic tips here! I immediately went back to old, relevant posts and added links to my social media and blogging boards.

Betty - June 8, 2014 Reply

I am curious. I have clicked on some pinners boards in Pinterest and the board takes me to another one of their boards. How do they incorporate that on Pinterest. I understand about sharing the link in blogs or twitter, but not how to do it in Pinterest.

    thrive themes - June 8, 2014 Reply

    You can manually upload the image to Pinterest and then edit the pin to include whatever link you want. (Look for the big PLUS button to upload an image directly to Pinterest.) That’s probably how it’s being done, Betty.

Rosie - June 18, 2015 Reply

I have only just stumbled upon this post but it’s perfect. Thank you for such great advice. I’m also interested in #1 and #7 as ways of getting it out there. You can spend such a lot of time putting the boards together that you want people to find them. The potential of Pinterest is enormous if you know what you’re doing. Really good tips – must get to work at once!

Amkay - June 26, 2015 Reply

Hi, i see many pins which are found in boards which i can follow, and once on following the board, when i try to post a pin of my own, the option of selecting the board does not show the name of that board. I’ve read somewhere that you need to get an invite to pin and use the board, how do i request for the permission ? Thanks.

    thrive themes - July 2, 2015 Reply

    Following a board doesn’t mean you are a contributor to that board. It’s is akin to following someone on Twitter or liking someone on Facebook. You see their content in your stream, but you can’t tweet for them or post as their profile/page. Contact the owner of the board to ask to be added.

Sandra - November 5, 2015 Reply

I don’t get it. I made a board of my art work but my pics never come up in search …even when searched under the relevant words. How do I get people to be able to see my work on pinterest please?

    thrive themes - November 6, 2015 Reply

    Make sure your pin description is keyword rich. And my guess is that more active and full accounts are going to be featured in Pinterest search than less active accounts with fewer pins/boards.

Austin - December 31, 2015 Reply

As a quick update that I have found. Having all your original blog content in one board such as https://www.pinterest.com/dscienceinc/dscience-blog-posts/. Is great for search in Pinterest. The more pins the board generates, the more viral it becomes. This amounts to a much further reach.

I monitor this with Tailwindapp, a great tool for Pinterest. Also, if you have some trouble getting your original content seen, throw a few bucks into advertising and it goes very far.

I have tripled my traffic this way and generated a bunch of new followers.

Kelly - February 19, 2016 Reply

Thanks for these tips! I was wondering how to get my main board seen more on PInterest so people would follow it – kind of a “derp” moment to think of sharing the link to the board on other social media!

    Gemjams - September 12, 2016 Reply

    I’m in the same boat. i just created 5 boards such as coffee and cakes, dinner etc but I’m lost as to which way do I go next so people can see my boards where I pinned personal pictures.

Neil Milliner - March 1, 2016 Reply

Very good advice. A lot of good stuff in the comments. I was aiming at promoting to the Pinterest hordes and looking to maximize the effectiveness (readership, reach) with my pins. Gain a zillion eager followers clamoring to throw their money at me. PS not sending piccies with my posts to FB now. Any tips?

Jesse Tam - April 25, 2016 Reply

Thanks for the great tips.

Neil Milliner - November 27, 2016 Reply

How do you see the followers of one board? Mine show total followers.

Larry L OConnor - May 8, 2017 Reply

So, I’m kind of new to Pinterest but did I understand you correctly that a follower of a board counts as a follower cause I list followers but they don’t include followers of my boards? Thanks, and awesome information. I’m getting started right now incorporating them.

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