How to Sell More Ebooks With Simple, One-time Actions

How to Sell More Ebooks with These Simple, One-time Actions

So you wrote an ebook. Now what? Obviously you would like to sell as many as possible and generate the passive income that so many digital publishers have discovered.

Before you get to that passive part, you have to put forth a bit more effort. But these are one-time actions that are going to keep driving sales for months and years after you do them.

Create an Attractive 3D Image

Go ahead and make a fancy 3D image that grabs attention and clearly indicates that you have a book to sell. I use The visual aspect of selling your ebook cannot be overemphasized. You may have the best resource ever, but if your graphics portray something less than stellar, you won’t sell many books.

Tweak Your Landing Page

Study your landing page in comparison to that of other successful authors. What is yours missing? Get a critique from trusted blogging friends, ones who will be honest and tell you what to change.

Link Prominently on your Site

You probably have many visitors who come to your site from Pinterest or another social platform. They are not regular readers and don’t know about your book. Make sure they do learn about it when the land on your site.

  • Add links in your navigation menu.
  • Add a 3D product image high in your sidebar.
  • Link to your book inside relevant posts.
  • Link to your book on your most heavily trafficked posts, especially where relevant to the content.

Include it in Social Media Profiles

Your blog is your home base, but consider all the places online where you have profiles. Are you making the most of them?

  • Link to your ebook landing pages in your Twitter profile.
  • Mention the books by name (keywords!) in your Google Plus profile.
  • Add a tab on your Facebook page that is devoted to your books.
  • Include mention of them in your LinkedIn profile under publications.

Be Generous with Review Copies and Giveaways

Whenever you are approached about giving a blogger a free copy to review or for a giveaway, offer five more! Generous marketing works. And as a bonus, you are getting backlinks to your landing pages, free exposure, and a business expense that cost you nothing more than the time it takes so send a couple of emails.

Write Guest Posts Related to your Ebook Content

Find out where you can write guest posts in your niche and be sure to link to your ebook landing page in your bio. If links are allowed in the post itself, all the better. As incentive, offer to give the owner of the blog a hefty affiliate commission from any sales originating from the guest post.

Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is a veteran homeschool mom and empty nester who works from home doing digital marketing in the homeschool niche.

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